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Adult Education

Training is offered in a range of subjects such as Hospitality, Computers, Internet and Adult Literacy

Fri 28 April 2017

English Language and Literacy Courses

Beginners to Intermediate Level English Language Courses: improve and develop communication and language skills for everyday life or the workplace.

Fri 28 April 2017

Your Pantry

Your Pantry assists those struggling between pensions or low wages with provision of non perishable foods and toiletries. Support and empowerment is provided to assist persons to consider all options available to them to break free from dependency. All is confidential.

Fri 28 April 2017

Smalltalk Supported Playgroups

Smalltalk is designed as part of a ten-week playgroup program for parents and children aged birth to 4 years. By participating in the program you will have access to a free playgroup delivered by trained professionals and get tips and strategies to support your child's learning and development.

Chelsea Heights 

The Tipping Foundation

We are a non-profit organisation that provides disability and respite services in our accommodation, in your own home and in the community. We also provide support co-ordination, behaviour support and skills development programs under the NDIS


Marketing Support Volunteer

Volunteers are required to develop professional marketing strategies for community groups across Kingston to raise their profiles and build stronger connections between local community groups and the wider community.