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Please check this page regularly for any updates to the site, tips and access to My Community Life newsletters.


Holding an event in Kingston? (July 2017)

Kingston is home to a range of fantastic parks, open spaces and community halls that are available for you to use and enjoy. We actively encourage local and community events to be held on land owned or managed by Council.

Our Top Spots Quick Guide (2MB) and detailed Event Guide (559KB) are designed to help you decide on an appropriate location and assist you with organising your event. 

Formal approvals may be needed to hold your event on Council owned or managed land, depending on the size of the gathering and the equipment needed on-site, and some events may incur a cost.

Please visit for more information and event notification forms. 

Preview button (April 2017)

You can now preview your group, event and volunteer pages before you submit them.  The Preview button is located at the bottom of the page right next to the submit button.

When you press the Preview button another screen should open showing how your page will look like on the site.

If this doesn't work you may need to enable pop-up's on your browser (e.g. Chrome, Internet Explorer).  For instructions on how to do this see our page how to enable pop-upsalternatively contact or call us on 9581 4809.

Permission for Council to contact you (April 2017)

We have added a permission check box to the Community Group profile page.  Please review your profile and if you give permission for Council to contact you about community events and activities please check this box.  You can change your permission acceptance at any time. Don't be concerned we won't inundate you with emails! We would just like to be able to keep you informed of any events that may be of interest to you and your group.


Update your profile and see your group on the home page (July 2017)

Did you know that whenever a new community group page is published it is automatically featured on the My Community Life home page? This will also happen each time your updated profile is published.  Updating your profile regularly will not only ensure all your details are up to date it will give your group more exposure on the site 

Photo images - NEW! (July 2017)

We've updated the stock images available for you to use on your profile pages, event and volunteer listings, and there are still more to come!  Below are some examples of the new images you will soon see on the site! 

Deactivate and archive event and volunteering pages (April 2017)

Expired events can still show up when users search the site, this can be confusing for searchers and also pushes other current events down the page making them hard to find.

If your event has expired consider deactivating it so as to free up space for current events on the site. By deactivating the page it won't show up when people search the site.  You will still have access to the page and can re-activate it to use again by editing the details - this saves a lot of time for those events you run frequently.

If you have a one off event that is unlikely to be repeated, consider deactivating and then archiving it.  Once you have deactivated it the archive function becomes available.  Please note that when you archive an event it will be removed from the site and you will no longer have access to it.

Keeping your pages up to date, deactivating and archiving means that the community will be able to find your current events, activities and volunteer listings easily. 


Contact Us
Contact the Community Engagement Team at Kingston Council if you have any questions about the information on this page
Phone: 9581 4809