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Kundalini Yoga

Kundalini Yoga is for everyone, from beginners to advanced. Each class adapts to all present enabling each individual to reach their potential.

Wed 24 August 2016
Table Tennis at Chelsea Heights Community Centre image

Table Tennis at Chelsea Heights Community Centre

Have you ever played ping pong? Most people have enjoyed a game of table tennis. If you want to improve from ping pong to playing social table tennis then we have tables available on a Wednesday night.

Wed 24 August 2016
Yoga - Mordialloc image

Yoga - Mordialloc

Hatha Yoga for beginners and those with experience. A practical approach to improve health and vitality. Includes gentle stretching, relaxation and stress management techniques, posture work, pranayama breathing, creative visualisation and meditation.

Wed 24 August 2016
Mordialloc Social Running Club image

Mordialloc Social Running Club

The Mordialloc Social Running Club is an inclusive local sporting club that supports runners of all abilities to meet their running goals

Community Visitor image

Community Visitor

The Community Visitors scheme aims to enrich the quality of life of residents of aged care facilities who are socially isolated or lonely, and who would benefit from a friendly visitor.