Transition Kingston

Environment and sustainability
Transition Kingston is part of a local grassroots movement originating in the UK in response to the challenge of climate change and resource depletion. Instead of focusing on what we don’t want the Transition approach is creating positive visions and projects for a sustainable and resilient society.

We are a group of local Kingston residents who aim to generate grassroots, localised, positive responses to the challenges of climate change and to build a more sustainable and resilient community. Transition Kingston is part of a worldwide Transition Network originating in the UK in 2006. You can read more at

Some of the projects our members have been involved in are Transition Streets Program, a food summit run in conjunction with City of Kingston, Mordialloc community garden, seed and seedling swaps, backyard sharing, responding to City of Kingston climate change, urban cooling and transport strategies, an energy group advocating for solar installation in council buildings, a Facebook page and quarterly newsletter.

Our objectives are to:

  • provide support to members (and others) in undertaking a personal transition to a sustainable future
  • build a local community of people who share our aims and objectives
  • connect and collaborate with and support like-minded groups
  • develop local projects which respond to the challenges of climate change

Anyone who shares in our vision to create a more sustainable local community is encouraged to contact us via email. Our group meets monthly in the evening at members homes and guests are welcomed.

Opening Hours

An organising group meet monthly in the evening at members homes. Members undertake
projects as individuals or as a group.


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