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Raises funds and epilepsy awareness through our retail network of Op Shops in Melbourne. All of our opportunity shops offer an affordable array of clothing, furniture, music, bric-a-brac, homewares and books, plus the chance to uncover a vintage or modern-day treasure.

Epilepsy Foundation Vision

No one with epilepsy should go it alone.

Our approach

Each day someone’s son or daughter dies as a result of their epilepsy. Understanding the risks and how best to manage them is essential in reducing avoidable deaths.

Children are missing out on getting a good education because teachers and schools do not understand epilepsy and the impacts on kids’ education.

People are struggling to get or keep jobs because workplaces don’t understand epilepsy.

People feel scared and alone when they get a diagnosis of epilepsy.

The Epilepsy Foundation is here to solve these problems. So how are we going about this?

Finding a cure for tomorrow (Research Fund) and supporting people today (Client Services).

We put the person or family with epilepsy at the centre of our work.

Opening Hours

Op Shops are open between 10 am and 4 pm.


Epilepsy Foundation Op Shop, 258 Como Parade West, Parkdale 3195 View Map

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Local Transport


Other Locations

Epilepsy Foundation Head Office: 587 Canterbury Road, Surrey Hills Vic 3127
Blackburn Op Shop: 82 South Parade, Blackburn Vic 3130
Beaumaris Op Shop: 341 Balcombe Road, Beaumaris Vic 3193
Cranbourne Op Shop: 10 Lurline Street, Cranbourne Vic 3977
Kensington Op Shop: 513 Macaulay Road, Kensington Vic 3031
Parkdale Op Shop: 258 Como Parade West, Parkdale Vic 3195
Port Melbourne Op Shop: 2/322 Bay Street

Postal Address

587 Canterbury Road, Surrey Hills Vic 3127


Accessible parkingGood lighting, well-lit space Steps at the entry N/A Accessible car parking spaces Kingston City Council allocated accessible car parking spaces in nearby locations
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