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Kingswood is recognised as a great school that builds the foundation that makes a positive difference in the life of each student.

Kingswood Primary School has high levels of academic achievement and an excellent reputation within the Dingley Village community and beyond. Every year we are attracting more and more students from outside the local area; presently we have 40% of students residing outside the Dingley Village area. You may ask why Kingswood is the school of choice?

The school’s educational philosophy is based around the concept of laying the ‘Foundations for Success’ and making a ‘Positive Difference’ to the lives of every student. To achieve this, it is important to discover the individual talents of each child, to put students in an environment where they want to learn and where they can discover their true passion.

Kingswood is an internationally accredited Habits of Mind School. Habits of Mind are dispositions that are skilfully and mindfully employed by intelligent people when confronted with challenges. Kingswood implements ‘Visible Thinking’ protocols from the Harvard Graduate School of Education. Habits of Mind and Visible Thinking are strategies that assist students to think, problem solve, become more intelligent and successful students and adults in later years.

Kingswood’s Brand is engaging, innovative and caring in everything we do to cultivate a great teaching and learning environment. At Kingswood we value that:

  1. We are here for the students
  2. We are leaders in education
  3. We thrive in a team culture
  4. We are safe, friendly and organised
  5. We engage our community

Kingswood Primary has flexible teaching spaces, allowing us to design a curriculum that meets the needs of the curious minds. Students are grouped according to their ability levels as they learn literacy, numeracy and inquiry skills. Students have access to the latest technology such as PCs, MacBooks, iPads, digital and interactive TVs. The school is a leader in innovative technology and proudly hosts an ICT Conference for teachers around the state. Specialist programs in Science, Technology, Engineering, Visual and Performing Arts, Japanese and Physical Education complement class programs.

Further opportunities for our students are provided through a range of support and extension programs. Students are given opportunities to participate in extra-curricular programs, including drama, keyboarding, guitar, drums, vocal classes, mindfulness, dance,  choir, karate, sporting clinics, ball handling skills, adventure,  surf and ski camps and the Energy Breakthrough Challenge. We offer Japan Study Tours for Year 5 and 6 students every two years. Kingswood is a Stephanie Alexander Kitchen Garden school. Students are introduced to the pleasures of preparing, cooking and eating a variety of foods they have grown in the garden. We even have our own free-range chickens and fresh eggs are collected daily.

As you can see, Kingswood Primary School is a very happening place and a great school to educate your child.

Opening Hours

8.30am - 4.30pm
Monday - Friday


Kingswood Primary School, Plaza Crescent, Dingley Village 3172 View Map

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Postal Address

Plaza Crescent, Dingley Village VIC 3172


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