Terms & Conditions

Revision Date: 5 December 2018
Please read these Terms and Conditions for the use of My Community Life carefully.

You indicate your acceptance of these terms by registering and using this website. Council may change these Terms and Conditions at any time by posting the new version on the website. Contact the Social Development Team via the details in the Contact Us page if you do not accept these terms or have any questions.

Kingston Council provides the My Community Life website as a central location for non-profit community groups and organisations to post information about themselves and their events, activities and volunteering opportunities occurring in and around Kingston. Users must register with the site to be able to upload information. Users who are reading the website do not need to be registered.

Any not-for-profit community group, organisation or club can use the site if they:

  • Are based in, or are in close proximity to, the City of Kingston municipality
  • Provide events, activities or volunteering opportunities within the City of Kingston; and
  • Have membership, events or volunteer opportunities that are open to the Kingston community.
By registering and using My Community Life you agree that:
Your content on the website -
  • The information you provide about your community group, events and activities, and volunteering opportunities can be posted publicly on the My Community Life site.
  • Council may access and use any contact details provided through your My Community Life account to send relevant information and updates about My Community Life.
  • Council may access and use any contact details provided through your My Community Life account to contact you or send information to your group that Council deem of benefit to your group.
  • Council may use any of your public information added to My Community Life in other Council publications and social media for the purpose of promotion and news items.
  • The addition of your information to My Community Life is at the discretion of Council
    • Council will review any information submitted to My Community Life prior to approving its publishing and edit or remove any information not deemed appropriate. The user will be notified via email if their information is deemed inappropriate for publication.
  • To the maximum extent permitted by law, Council is not liable for any claims, actions, suits, liabilities, costs and expenses incurred by you as a result of:
    • Council's listing or failure to list your information on the My Community Life website, or
    • any unavailability of, or Council's failure to provide access to, the My Community Life website.
Your use of the website -
  • All information you provide is true and correct;
  • The information you submit is:
    • Accurate and up to date (Reviewed at least annually),
    • Based in a location that is either in Kingston or close to its borders,
    • Relevant to the Kingston community, and

    • Will result in positive outcomes for the Kingston community.

  • You have permission to post personal contact information of other people if it is not your own;
  • You have permission to use photos from the people who are in them;
  • You have the necessary incorporation, insurance, permits and licences for the information you are sharing with the community; and
  • You will only share your username and password with members of your group or organisation authorised to contribute to the site on behalf of your group. You will also make every effort to protect the security of your account by regularly changing your password. Note: It is not recommended you share your username and password if it belongs to a person, therefore we recommend you use a generic email for your login that is more appropriate to be shared (such as yourgroupname@gmail.com).
Information will not be published on the website if it -
  • May affect Council’s ability to carry out functions and services;
  • Could conflict with Council’s values, policies or statutory responsibilities;
  • Could involve Council in controversial issues such as political or cultural sensitivities, or expose the organisation to criticism;
  • Could give an unfair advantage to a particular business or event, is spam or advertising;
  • Could involve or promote the manufacture, distribution and sale of tobacco, tobacco-related and/or alcoholic products;
  • Involves or is associated with gambling, gaming or betting products and services;
  • Is illegal, fraudulent, misleading or deceptive;
  • Is a private activity and not open to the public;
  • Denigrates or offends parts of the community;
  • Presents a hazard to the community;
  • Is obscene, offensive, bullying, racist, sexist, discriminatory or defamatory; or
  • Could negatively affect Council’s public image or reputation.

My Community Life also follows Kingston Council's Privacy Policy

Contact Us
Contact the Social Development Team at Kingston Council if you have any questions about these Terms and Conditions. 
Phone: 9581 4809