How to enable pop-ups



1. First try to use the Preview button and confirm it isn’t displaying a preview. It should open a new page showing a preview of how your page will look on My Community Life.

If a preview doesn't show it will have been blocked - this can be seen in step 2.

2. In the top right corner of the address bar, click Pop-ups blocked  (an image of a screen with a red box and cross - circled below)


3. Click the link for the pop-up window you'd like to see


4. To always see pop-ups for My Community Life select > Always show pop-ups from

5. Done

Internet Explorer

1. On your computer, open Internet Explorer  

Internet Explorer icon.JPG

2. At the top right of the toolbar click on settings 

IE settings icon circled.JPG

3. Click on Internet options

IE Internet options screen shot.JPG 

4. Choose the 'Privacy' tab

IE Privacy tab.JPG

5. If your pop-up blocker is turned on click Settings (if it is off jump to step 10)

6. Add in 'Address of website to allow'

7. Click add > Close

8. Test the My Community Life Preview button and a message will appear requesting to allow pop-ups from this site

9. Click always allow

10. If your pop-up blocker is not turned on i.e Turn on Pop-up Blocker is not checked

IE pop up blocker unchecked.JPG

11. Check what the setting is i.e. Low, Medium, High - try adjusting it to a lower setting, click apply, then OK

(It should work on a medium setting)