Volunteer Mentors

Long term

Department:      Sandybeach Training Education Pathways (STEP) for learners with a disability

Program:           STEP Mentoring Program

 Position:            Mentor   Volunteer

 Expected Time Commitment: 

Term 1 (10 weeks, Thursdays 1:15pm4:15pm): 3 hours plus 1-2 additional hours to attend job interview/ travel training/ miscellaneous as required.

 Term 2 (10 weeks): dependent on shift at workplace, plus travel training needs. Maximum expected hours = 5 hours.  

Program Objective:  Participants will be matched with a one-to-one mentor who will support them to develop an individually tailored work placement plan, learn skills to become job ready and will then accompany them to a job interview and their weekly shifts at their volunteer/ work placement.


Police Check and DWES Check (arranged through the centre)


  1. Assist tutor to support assigned participant with tasks and planning activities.
  2. Attend job interviews with the participant.
  3. Attend weekly workplace shifts and support participant to contribute meaningfully to the workplace.
  4. Practice travel training with the participant, if required.
  5. Be available for concise weekly debriefs with Mentoring Program Tutor, either through phone or email contact.
  6. Help participant fills in the weekly logbook.
  7. Liaise with participant’s workplace and Sandybeach Centre to make sure participant is working within both organisation’s policies and procedures eg. uniform, OH&S, timeframes, Code of Conduct.

 Skills Required:

  1. Sensitive to individual needs of participants.
  2. Experience working with people with disabilities.
  3. Awareness of person-centred, strength-based support and practice.
  4. Sensitive to privacy issues and the dignity of the participant.
  5. Basic knowledge of public transport.
  6. Ability to be proactive and attentive in the classroom, public and workplace environments.
  7. Ability to accept the duty of care of participant in public and workplace environments.


  • Orientation to Sandybeach Centre by the Volunteer Co-ordinator.
  • Person-centred practice and disability awareness training.
  • On the job training by the tutor.
  • Opportunity to attend extra relevant training as required.
  • First Aid training may be required.

 * If required to travel Myki travel costs will be covered under the participant’s Companion Card or through Sandybeach Centre.

Role Requirements

  • Police Check
  • Other - see role description

Interested In

  • Community centres, neighbourhood houses & activity hubs
  • Education & learning
  • People with disabilities


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